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In the land of the thousand goals

A project by Shyaka Kagame

(Switzerland, France)

Synopsis: Since the end of the genocide in 1994, Rwanda has experienced a unique development. In the midst of societal renewal, three people from very diverse backgrounds are involved in the same program called Imihigo, a kind of "national development competition". Richard, the mayor, has one year to complete the hundred or so goals set in his district, Damascène, the bus driver, must ensure the implementation of social programs in his village, and Keza, the Rwandan-Belgian official, tries to adapt his Western idealism to the realities of his country of origin.
By following our characters, this choral film immerses us in the functioning of an emerging African society and draws the portrait of a resuscitated country, 26 years after the genocide of the Tutsis.

Production: Florence Adam (JMH & FILO Films) Laurence Uebersfeld (LuFilms)

Supports: OFC, Cinéforom


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