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Jean-Louis Crémieux Brilhac,

A Century of Democracy


2014 | Timothy Miller | documentary | 52'



Born on January 22, 1917, Jean-Louis Crémieux awakens to politics on the eve of the Popular Front, joining at 17-year-old the Committee of vigilance of Antifascist Intellectuals. In 1939, he is mobilized. After having resisted the German advance at the head of an infantry section in June 1940, he was taken prisoner and transferred to an oflag in Pomerania. Refusing the armistice, he escapes six months later and  In 1941, join General Charles de Gaulle and his Free French Army in London.
Having become a historian, his sharp eye puts into perspective a century of history.

Director: Timothy Miller

Screenplay: Laurence Uebersfeld, Timothy Miller

Producer: Laurence Uebersfeld


Co-production: LuFilms | Toute L'histoire | TV Tours


With the participation of :
Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah
French Department of Defense (secrétariat général pour l'administration, direction de la mémoire, du patrimoine et des archives)
100% Mécénat
CBC Radio Canada

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