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Fabrice di Falco.jpg

Fabrice di Falco,

the rebellious bird


2020 | Gilles Moisset | documentary | 55’



Singular character, free spirit of the lyric scene, Fabrice di Falco is one of the rare artists to have this unique voice, called castrato, with a range of four and a half octaves. Internationally renowned singer, born to a mother from Martinique and an Italian father, he struggled throughout his career to impose his difference. With the competition that he is creating today, he wishes to open the doors to the world of opera to younger generations, and to pass on his knowledge to them.

Original title: Fabrice di Falco, l’oiseau rebelle

Director: Gilles Moisset

Producers: Laurence Uebersfeld (LuFilms), Jean-Claude Baumerder (FILMICA production)


Co-production: France Télévisions - Martinique La 1ère, Lyon Capitale TV, Filmica Production, Lufilms

With the participation of:

Centre National de la Cinématographie
Ministère des Outre-mer
Fonds Image de la diversité - Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires
Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique

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