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Cine Venezia


2017 | Wilma Labate | documentary | 52'

Italy - France


More than one hundred films were shot in Venice.. But Venice is never just a movie set. Quickly, it becomes itself a protagonist of the films, a full character.
In this film, freely inspired by Irene Bignardi's book Storie di Cinema a Venezia, a young actress, Silvia, takes us on a journey to discover a Venice that is often poorly known. She returns to the mythical places of Senso, Othello, The Merchant of Venice, Chi lavora è perduto ... Through a series of interviews of directors and actors, Venice is revealed as a character of its own.

Original title: Raccontare Venezia

Director: Wilma Labate

Screenplay: Wilma Labate, Irene Bignardi
Cinematography: Alessandro Pesci, Andrea Legnani, Alessandro Ambroggi
Editing: Valeria Sapienza

Producers: Laurence Uebersfeld, Giovanni Cassinelli


Co-production: LuFilms | Wider Films

With the participation of:

Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’image animée
Ciné +

World Premiere: 2017 Venice Film Festival - Venice Days - Special screening

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