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Charlotte Salomon


2014 | Frans Weisz | documentary | 83' & 2x43'

Netherlands - Germany - USA - France


"Life ? Or Theater?": This is the title that Charlotte Salomon (Berlin 1917 - Auschwitz 1943) gave to her autobiography, which gathers more than 700 paintings. Just before she was deported, Charlotte gave it to a friend and said, "Keep this safe, it's all my life! ". During the filming of the feature film "Charlotte" (1980), her mother-in-law, Paula Salomon-Lindberg, gave to the film director Frans Weisz a letter from Charlotte that had never been published, and asked him not to use its content. In this loving letter, the artist describes the circumstances in which "Life? Or Theater? " took shape. It reveals the" real "Charlotte and the meaning of the question marks she had chosen.

Director: Frans Weisz

Screenplay: Batya Wolff, Frans Weisz
Cinematography: Paul Staartjes
Editing: Erik Disselhoff

Production : Frits Harkema, Laurence Uebersfeld


Co-production: LuFilms | Quintus Films

With the participation of:

Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l'image animée.

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