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A picture to remember


2023 | Olga Chernykh | documentary | 72 min

France, Ukraine, Germany


A picture to remember follows a family from Donetsk - a thriving industrial city in the Donbass region. In 2014, the war breaks out, shatters their daily life, and forces them, like so many others, to flee. In February 2022, after they took refuge in Kiev, danger forced them into a second exile. A permanent feeling of loss has now been tormenting them for years.

Author & Director: Olga Chernykh
Editing: Kasia Boniecka

Music: Maryana Klochko
Co-production: LuFilms (France), Real Pictures (Ukraine), Tama Filmproduktion (Germany)

Partners: CNC, IDFA Bertha Fund, Région Normandie

Premiere: 2023 IDFA opening night

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